Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1994/10/03

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Subject: more questions on leica
From: (Richard Urmonas)
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 94 09:51:47 EST

Thank you to those people who replied to my original questions.

I must appologise that I did not word the questions as specifically
as I should have.  I therefore ask some additional questions.

The background:    I am in Australia so some of the information available
elsewhere may not be available here.  I have skimmed some books so know
a bit about what the various features on each model where.  I know a
couple of collectors but no real "users" of leica.  Hence the info
I seek is from a users perspective.

-  what are the good and bad points of M3, M2, IIIf or similar priced
   models.  Which features are good and which are of little use.  Also
   what problems to look for in used camera (e.g. part XXX is often

-  Users perspective on the screw mount vs. bayonet mount cameras. I am
   especially interested in how people feel about the split viewfinder/
   rangefinder of the screwmount vs. single viewfinder of bayonets. Also
   the convenience/inconvenience of the auxilliary viewfinders for the
   wide/tele lenses (on both screw and bayonet models).

-  Finally I am interesed in what are regarded as particularly good lenses
   in the 28/35mm and 90/135mm.

Thanks in anticipation of replies!
Richard Urmonas.

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