Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1994/08/28

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Subject: Labs Using Leica Enlargers
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 94 02:24:23 EDT

Hello Leica Users!  Glad I was referred to this list by Andy @ Photo Forum.
Thanks Andy  =(:-)   I am a serious Leicaphile as, I am sure, many of you on
this list are too - they are very amazing cameras.  Currently, I am in search
of a commercial photo lab who has a working Leica color enlarger in order to
"complete the loop" of shooting and printing using Leitz lenses. Does anyone
have a lead on this?  Lab names and phone numbers would be a great help.
 Speaking of Leitz lenses - of the M series 90mm lenses,  do you folks like
the F2  Summicron or the F2.8  Tele-Elmarit better, optically speaking?  The
BAS test lab results show the 2.8 has finer resolving at full aperture,  but
each lens has its devotees.  Thanks for your input.  Patrick