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Subject: clean a Summarit, etc.
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 1994 17:11:52 -0400 (EDT)

Does anyone have a good experience having a Leitz lens cleaned? I have a
Summarit that looks great but which has a haze over one of the internal
elements. It is visible only if strongly backlit, but I think that it is
responsible for a slightly softer look to the pictures than I would like. 

Also, I (and I guess zillions of people) am looking for a not-too-expensive
bright frame finder for a 35mm lens. Leitz or another brand ok. Brassing ok
since it would be used, not necessarily displayed! I had an M3 but decided 
to go to screw mount and now I use a IIIg with 50mm 1.8 Canon and 35mm 3.5 
Summaron, 90mm Elmar and .... flashbulbs (till they last). 

BTW... is the sync socket on the IIIg supposed to remain "closed" until the
camera's shutter is wound? Reason I ask is that if I forget to wind shutter and
plug a flashbulb into the gun .... BOOOM it goes off in my hand ... hurts! I
do not do this anymore but you never know ... i might forget.

My students are often "impressed" by the novelty of it all!


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