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Subject: [Leica] Another 75mm-Summilux-on-M8 example
From: kididdoc at (Steve Barbour)
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 15:11:51 -0700
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On Mar 26, 2009, at 1:03 PM, Mark Rabiner wrote:

> I was for some reason not absorbing the fact that this was the old  
> 75. The
> Summilux. But thinking it was the new 75, the Summicron.
> Sorry.
> I'm normally assuming the latest from Leica is going to be the best.


why ?

> Mark William Rabiner
>> From: Jeff Moore <jbm at>
>> Reply-To: Leica Users Group <lug at>
>> Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 15:40:10 -0400
>> To: Leica Users Group <lug at>
>> Subject: Re: [Leica] Another 75mm-Summilux-on-M8 example
>> 2009-03-24-23:49:49 Mark Rabiner:
>>> Is it the sharpest lens in the history of photography?
>>> I think so.
>> Except of course it isn't. Apples to apples (if maybe red apples to
>> green apples), with fast shutter speeds and low ISOs to show it  
>> off, the
>> amazing 75mm Apo-ASPH Summicron at f/2 beats it obviously in  
>> contrast,
>> fine detail, corner goodness -- whether the Summilux is at f/1.4, f/ 
>> 2,
>> f/2.8... or maybe elsewhere. And the Summicron is shorter and  
>> lighter:
>> all-around handier.  I cannnot tell a lie: I own the 75/2, and I  
>> use it
>> whenever I can, like when I expect for the light to be reasonably
>> bright.
>> But the Summicron doesn't go to 11.  I mean f/1.4.  So using it, I'd
>> have had to try to hand-hold twice as slow a shutter speed.  Might  
>> not
>> have worked.  There are also some touchy-feely differences in the way
>> the lenses render stuff.  But basically...  f/1.4 is darned handy  
>> when
>> there isn't enough light.  Because the next ISO up is really raggedy
>> looking, and the next shutter speed down (1/45) would've been pretty
>> wobbly for a 75.  Even 1/90 can be hit-or-miss.
>>> I'm looking at eye lashes;
>>> Individual ones, you can count them.
>>> And the split ends at the ends of them
>>> Indoors wide open hand held.
>> I'm glad you see my point, Mark.  I know you're a big fan of compact,
>> light, slow, super-duper-sharp lenses, which make sense for someone  
>> like
>> you who apparently goes outside a lot.  For much of the day,  
>> there's a
>> really bright light turned on out there; f/4 is practical.  So you  
>> often
>> make fun of the large, heavy Summiluxen they've been introducing.   
>> But I
>> seem to find myself making about 80% of my pictures in rooms at  
>> night,
>> and an excellent fast lens makes me really happy.
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