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Subject: [Leica] happy birthday Philippe - NOW: George SUGGESTED:-)
From: kididdoc at (Steve Barbour)
Date: Sun Nov 16 14:52:17 2008
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On Nov 16, 2008, at 3:08 PM, Ted Grant wrote:

> George Lottermoser suggested:
>> Indeed - enjoy your special day, Philippe.
>> I always encourage folks to do something totally out of the >  
>> ordinary on
> their birthday.<<<<,
> Hi George,
> Absolutely do something as wild as you?ve always wanted to do.  
> Particularly
> the older you get, because if you don?t do it before you die it  
> ain?t going
> to happen!
> It?s like this????
> DO IT!?
> Obviously never tell your wife first if it?s something really  
> stupid! :-)
> Like taking your first and only solo parachute jump on your 65  
> birthday! :-)
> Because you always thought it would be neat to try.
> (Note to married guys!)
> Really don?t tell her that one before you jump because you may never  
> live to
> do it. Actually if I did it again, I was without question told,?. ?I  
> will
> kill you even if you land safely!? Man there was fire in her eyes.  
> So I
> didn?t do it again.
> However on a more fun note on the 76th birthday day, I flew in a P51  
> Mustang
> doing all kinds of cool things barrel rolling, loop the loops and  
> doing
> imaginary dog fights with the on-coming Hun 109?s! :-)
> No I didn?t tell her that one either until it was over. Didn?t seem  
> to be as
> big a problem as I was in a plane with a parachute on! The story may  
> have
> been quite different if she?d seen us flipping about the sky! :-)
> Damn good wonderful birthday gifts. :-)
> George is right, always do something really different and to hell  
> with the
> age!
> I already have two things in the works for the 80th next May.
> One or the other of these two.
> I ride in a submarine when it dives ? A navy attach? buddy is  
> working on
> this. However given the state of the Canadian submarines jumping  
> with a
> parachute was a much safer idea! :-)
> Second? A big discussion three weeks ago in Ottawa with a high  
> ranking air
> force officer??. Not likely to happen. :-( But nothing ventured  
> nothing
> gained! What the hell you can only die once! :-) And at 80 who  
> really cares
> after the life I?ve had! :-)
> But some key people think it?s just crazy enough to work now that I?m
> ?Doctor Grant? it might pull some extra weight. :-)
> Man if you?ve got it one might as well use it, particularly for a  
> ride in an
> RCAF CF18 fighter jet! Not sure what the American?s call them, but  
> it?s our
> main fighter plane.

here you have a choice between a parachute and a rabbit's foot...

> Yes I will take pictures for sure! Just as I did in the Mustang. See  
> Steve
> Barbour?s LUG photogs file and there I am hanging upside down like a  
> bat!
> :-)

take a look here for gory details...

> Sorry the long post, but Philippe, go for it old buddy something  
> wild and
> crazy! You?ll love it. :-) :-) :-)
> ted
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