Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2005/09/26

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Subject: [Leica] Zorki and J-8 Industar 61 as "car camera"
From: bruent at (Bruce)
Date: Mon Sep 26 08:56:52 2005
References: <>

> Don, you make a good point about the Kiev.  But I would have to see the
> viewfinder before I could tell if it will work for me.  I remember once
> looking through a Contax with glasses--if I recall correctly, I had the
> same problem as with the Zorki.
> Does anybody in Seattle have a Kiev I could look through to confirm 
> this?
Viewing through a Kiev 4am (a version with improvements over the 
original Contax II clone) with eyeglasses I can not see all 4 corners 
at once. I never noticed while using it until I actually looked for 
this. The view does not compare to a Leica M or Besa, or Minolta CLE, 
but it is better than many others, and the RF is decent.

PS- Most of the "high tech" companies I have visited lately prohibit 
cameras on site (including camera equipped cell phones); at some places 
they just have a sign which many ignore, at others they really mean it.