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Subject: [Leica] Best camera/lens choice
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Tue Dec 28 08:37:52 2004
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Tina Manley offered:
Subject: Re: [Leica] Best camera/lens choice

 > I'm traveling now with my Mark II and the D10 and the Digilux.  So far,
> I've only used the Mark II - with Canon and R lenses. Just be sure you 
> have plenty of cards and plenty of space to download them, somewhere to 
> recharge your batteries, and you'll be fine.  I've downloaded my 2GB card 
> about 6 times adn am storing the files on my laptop.  I sort them when I 
> have time, but any editing will have to wait until I get to my big 
> computer at home.<<<

Hi Tina,
thank you  for the heads up.

I have a couple of 1GB cards 80X and getting a couple of 2GB today. I'm 
hoping they'll give me enough recording space not to cope with a laptop and 
down loading gear.  And if push comes to lack of card space, it is afterall 
Hawaii. So I'm sure I can get CD's burned with material off the cards if it 
gets dicey for space.

But this is supposed to be R&R? However, as you know what that means, you 
don't have the pressure to produce for an assignment therefore you'll shoot 
far more just havng fun! :-)

> It is certainly easier to get through airports with digital than with 
> film! <<<<<<<<<<<<

Well I'm counting on that. I smile as I take my tongue between my teeth and 
keep it clamped tight to cope with the BS. Yeah guys I know I want to get 
there too like everyone else, but really? Some of it is crap nonsense just 
to make it look like they know what they're doing? And this time not as much 
gear, therefore everything goes on my shoulders and small bag.

Not like the last time with checked in heavy duty cases, "un-locked of 
course!" One with 3 M7's, lenses and minor items. The "competent," word 
should be.."In-competent security guards" who smashed the guts of 2 M7's 
beyond usability, which of course we didn't know about until we arrived on 
location of the shoot. Oh the out come from the TSA, whatever it's called?

"Sorry we'll look in to it after we receive a letter from your legal counsel 
verifying your claim."  Thank you very much

Well there wasn't any monetary claim for repair as the cameras were under 
warranty. However, under the circumstances I think Leica could've said.. "up 
yours!" Fortunately they didn't. So I sent another letter explaining the 
situation with a note from "legal beagle" and would appreciate a response to 
"why their people weren't properly trained to handle very valuable camera 
equipment and that this wouldn't happen again with proper training."

Of course there was no response!

>> Have fun in Hawaii!<<<<<

I fully intend to!  My plan is to veg out, take happy snaps of what turns me 
on visually. Lot's of power tanning and a few cooler's of whatever the local 
variety!  :-)  And long walks on the beach. Thanks


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