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Subject: [Leica] Best camera/lens choice
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Mon Dec 27 16:37:24 2004

Hi, Julian - Here you're being so nice, and I just fired off a sarcastic
response to all the endless advice...ah well...:-)

I said R because you said something about having trouble focusing, I
gathered with the M. All kidding aside, not being a "travel
photographer" in any sense - unless I'm driving from my home to anywhere
- I'd be inclined to take a fairly compact digital with built in
moderate zoom, or something as basic an M with a 35 or 28 - probably the
35 1.4. But I only carry a camera when I travel for the occasional grab
shot of a person or people. When it comes to senics, I'll buy postcards
-if someone else went to the trouble to set up a 5x7 or 8x10 on a
tripod, at the absolute right time of day, from the right angle, why
would I screw around with my 35 and fall off the cliff doing it? ;-)

Best, and have a great trip -

B. D.

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Julian Koplen
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Subject: Re: [Leica] Best camera/lens choice

B. D.,

I understand the semi-minimalist advice, although psychologically
(perhaps psychopathologically), it's hard not to have other lenses.  I
have one M6 and two R cameras, with 35, 50, and 90 in each, plus a few
of the more exotic lengths for R.  I am contemplating a used M6 classic
purchase, having nothing to do with my tour plans.

In your message, are you favoring R over M with the 35 and 90, or just
making the sensible point that I don't have to travel with an overkill
of lens assortments, be it M or R?

Actually, my initial dilemma was based on the guess that I might want
more than one focal length while shooting.  Therefore, use the heavier R
with a 35-70 zoom that I would have to buy, or two lighter M's with a 35
on one and a 50 or 90 on the other, to avoid having to stop and fumble
with lens changes?  Then, someone suggested the Tri-Elmar, and blew my

Thanks for your input..........Julian

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Subject: RE: [Leica] Best camera/lens choice

Excellent advice - All I would add is that if you have them, you might
want to take a 35 and a 90 - or a zoom, with the R body. As to film - if
you are going to have a base of operations, you might consider
expressing your film ahead, to avoid airport hassles....

B. D.

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Subject: [Leica] Best camera/lens choice

Julian, even though money for equipment not be the object for your trip,
don't spend any for cameras or lenses. Take what you already know works
well, your M with a 35mm and your R with a 50mm plus as much film as you
can comfortably carry. Remember, too, that if you're only going to be
carrying with  you one camera at a time, you will need to think about
where you can safely leave the other camera.
   Actually, since you mention that focusing might be a problem  -- and
Leicas are so reliable -- you really don't need a back-up. Take just the
R and either a 35mm or a 50mm plus lots of film.
   Use the extra space in your camera bag for a UV filter, a  hood and a

light meter [and, maybe, a sandwich and soda.] Borrow someone else's
tripod to get into your photos. -- Bon Voyage! bob  cole
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