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Subject: Re: [Leica] One day I'll bite the bullet and do a PAW!
From: "Mark Pope" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 06:34:00 -0000
References: <>


<Truth is scanning has a  substantial learning curve. It's like any
other aspect of photography. Takes practice>

I agree with your sentiment.  I had no idea how much more difficult film
seems to be compared with scanning B&W prints, although some of the problems
that I had seemed to be down to software.  I replaced an el-cheapo Primax
scanner with a Canon D2400UF flat-bed. Getting good scans from prints was
easy.  However, film scans were all very soft, irrespective of format or
whether they were mounted.
I think the problem was due to some sort of clash between the primax and
canon TWAIN drivers - I did uninstall the Primax from the system (Windows
98) but it still appeared in the <file><import> menu.
Since the PC was in a bit of a state anyway, I decided to bite the bullet.
I reformatted the hard disk and rebuilt the OS, taking the opportunity to
install all of the latest updates for 98 at the same time (good job I have a
broadband link otherwise I would be downloading until doomsday).  To do this
and reinstall data and applications took about eleven hours.  I now have an
image backup of the system on CD-ROM, so if the disk or OS goes pear-shaped
again I can rebuild in a couple of hours.  You live and learn...
Now everything is fine.  MF film scans are nice and crisp, 35mm scans from
film strips are pretty good and scans from mounted slides vary between OK
and soft, depending on the slide mount.  I've been advised by expert
scanners like Nathan that I am at the limit of what can be achieved with a
flat-bed.  So Father Christmas has bought me a shiny new Minolta Dimage III
35mm film scanner.  However,she won't let me use it until at least 26/12/02
:-(  Only 50 days to go, not that I'm counting!

< I'm having a large print made today. For trannie shooters digital sure
makes it easy to make prints. Locally there are half dozen labs that can
print a scanned image on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. It's relatively
inexpensive. >

As it happens, I have scanned a couple of MF trannies for printing.  My
local store has a gizmo that links to Kodak via an ISDN link.  You download
the files and they print them out on colour photo paper.

Finally, nice shot - I like the perspective.  Whereabouts in France was this  taken?


Mark Pope
Swindon Wilts, UK

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