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Subject: Re: [Leica] More PAW's question re comments asked for.
From: Georg Bauer <>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 13:15:36 GMT


In article <000b01c085b0$acec9ce0$6d6b193f@8xqli>, wrote:

[about a photo critique web board]
>This is an excellent Idea, works a lot like the Photoworkshop (Robert
>Farber) that
>I belong to. We post images and questions and then those who want to have a
>do so. Every once in a while you have someone who is still learning the

How about something like Squishdot? It's quite nice for running 
diskussions and newsbits. I have one set up at 
(sorry, german contents, but I could easily change that). It allows you 
to post new articles (and categorize them - so you could post new links, 
Infos, Pictures, what ever you like) and comment on those. Those 
articles can easily include links to your photos (this being the 
prefered way), so you don't have to post them to one special board. Or 
you could include them as an attachement, if you don't have an own board 
(I could hack it up a bit that attached images are shown inline). It's 
much like Slashdot or those other weblog systems and so is really 
tailored for running discussions. Search and stuff is included, so you 
can easily digest the archives for informations later.

Running it (and pushing to it's limits) wouldn't be a big 
problem for me. Actually this was what should have been in the 
first case, only that it's quite stupid to run it if you are the only 
contributor. Although I did hang my own homepage onto it. It's currently 
run moderated, so don't be astonished if your articles don't show up at 

Traffic wouldn't be a big problem, I have nice conditions at my provider 
and if it grows to big, I might be able to cut another deal. It's my own 
employer where I run the stuff and I am the guy who does all their 
internet developments. They can't throw me out ;-)

I just would need someone to go over the stuff and "touch it up" a bit - 
my english isn't the best, since I am not a native speaker.

bye, Georg

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