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Subject: Re: [Leica] More PAW's question re comments asked for.
From: Alastair Firkin <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 18:32:52 +1100
References: <>

>Martin Howard jotted down the following:
>>  Personally, I think that the low-tech approach is much better.
>I'll even provide an example.
>M's picture of the Dino Ribs:
>The image has potential, but could (IMHO -- read this from now on) be
>improved.  The tonal balance is off: the right hand side needs to be
>lighter.  If these indeed are bones, then they are a murky grey at the
>moment: the bones needs to be an even sparkling white.
>Also, there appears to be detail in the top right hand side and the bottom
>right hand side, but this cannot be seen clearly.  Less exposure would have
>brought this out and balanced the picture.
>On the other hand, the composition is interesting...
>[etc., etc., etc.]
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I agree that this could work, but it will sit in batched e-Mails, and 
in digests, and it is difficult to review what others are saying, or 
indeed catch up with the debate at a later time. There is no real 
record or thread, and you still have to visit multiple sites to 
review the latest postings. I agree the image square is slow in 
parts, but you learn to "work" it, and it works very well. I'm not 
suggesting it is the best solution to this, and I'm sure there are 
others who might have a better one. To be honest, I cannot run these 
cgi boards, and we would need to find someone who could

- -- 
Alastair Firkin

In reply to: Message from Martin Howard <> (Re: [Leica] More PAW's question re comments asked for.)