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Subject: Re: [Leica] Luna Pro Digital vs. Analog
From: "Peter A. Klein" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 15:47:56 -0800

On 21 Jan 2001, at 17:26, Peter Klein wrote: 
> > In normal operation with the Luna Pro Digital...
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"Tim Spragens" <> wrote:
> This sounds as complicated as working with one of the new C* N* 
> M* SLRs...
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Actually, my detailed description made it sound much more complicated
than it is.  Here is a more true-to-life description.

1.  Point meter at subject.
2.  Press button
3.  Read exposure on LCD display

And for contrast measurement

1. Point meter at subject.
2. Hold button
3. Point meter at highlight, then shadow
4. Release button
5. Read exposure on numeric display, contrast range on f-stop "bar

And if you don't like the displayed shutter/f combination, press up or
down arrow buttons to raise or lower shutter speed.  Other readings
adjust to match.

The whole measuring process is actually faster than measuring with a
TTL-meter camera, although you then have to transfer the reading to the
camera, as with any separate meter.  It's certainly faster than using a
CdS-cell hand meter.

- --Peter Klein
Seattle, WA

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