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Subject: RE: [Leica] Yasuhara T-981
From: Jem Kime <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 18:54:22 -0000

Indeed, I had a Yasuhara as Joseph mentioned, though I had nowhere near the 
complaints that he suffered.

In fact, it's hard to recall what disappointments I did have. It was 
flimsy, with plastic parts and the sound of the shutter was quite 'clacky'. 
It held a distinguished position as the first screw mount rangefinder to be 
made in Japan since the mid 1960s. I eventually sold mine on to Stephen 
Gandy whose web site now contains pictures and some information about the 
The cost is equivalent to a Bessa-R, and that's what I'd choose with the 
money. But then I also saw an M4-P for 400 UKP last week which would be an 
even better choice!


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From:	Dr. Joseph Yao []

I believe a while back Fellow LUGger Jem Kime had also posted his negative
findings on the T-981.


on 18/1/01 10:44 PM, S Dimitrov at wrote:

> Joseph;
> Tell me some more, I'm all ears. I did notice that after the initial
> excitement a certain quietude about it.
> Slobodan
> "Dr. Joseph Yao" wrote:

>> Slobodan,
>> If you are referring to the Yasuhara LTM rangefinder camera, it has been 
>> sale for two years.  I got mine in April 1999.
>> I regret to say the Yasuhara T-981 was a great idea but poorly executed.
>> Regards,
>> Joseph

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