Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/01/22

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Subject: RE: [Leica] AF SLR for Leica Users
From: "Felix Lopez de Maturana" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 15:31:23 +0100

"I am a user of Leica M. I would like to buy a AF SLR recently because of
needs for shooting children, quick portraits amd fashion shows. I am
considering F5, EOS-1V, Maxxum 9, Contax N1 and Pentax 645N. Which one do
you prefer? Which one is best suiting the taste of Leica user of both
optical and mechanical qualities. I know each system has its own advantage
over others, but it is a really a difficult decision. Here is my comment of
those system:

Nikon = Wonderful built quality, but I don't like the pictures taken by
Nikkors because of the cool colour and too sharp.

Canon = Wonderful AF speed, large range of lenses, wonderful IS technology,
but poor built quality.

Minolta = Good optical quality, but slow AF speed and no digital body.

Contax = Best optical quality, but no flagship body. I also need some lenses
like 16mm fisheye, 28mm PC and 300mm F2.8.

Pentax = Large film advantage, but I don't know that is it convenient to

Thanks for your advice!

Terry Sham"


Perhaps I can help you or at least clear up your mind a little. I use both
Nikon F5 and Canon EOS 1V. As I am awaiting my new Contax N1 I cannot give
you a opinión about this new camera. If you choose either of them,Canon or
Nikon,  you sure win as both are very good photographer tools. I mean F5 and
1V are built as a tank and I cannot distinguish which is sturdier. Nikon has
a wider range of lenses if you consider the manual focus but you have some
restrictions on metering with non AI lenses( old manual lenses). If you only
wish autofocus Canon has a wider range of lenses and, very important, with
ultrasonic focus motor, quick and sure, and Image Stabilization which works
really. You need see it to believe that you can take a picture with a 400mm
handheld at 1/15. I am not so sure that color rendition is so different but
is a matter of testing. I do not find very large differences. Flash system
is now on pair. Some years ago I did prefer Nikon. Most of sport and nature
pros use, IMHO, Canon and if I need to trade one system I'll sell the Nikon
outfit, however to own 6 Nikon SLR cameras and 19 Nikon lenses.

I'm anxiously awaiting the Contax N1 as, my experience with Contax G2
rangefinder was superior. There, I do find a nicest color rendition a
sharper lenses and something that you, Leica owners, know perfectly: the
sensation of using a superior equipment. I do believe that Contax N1 will
have the best of two worlds, however this camera is not on the same class as
Canon 1V, Nikon F5, Leica R8 and, above of all, Contax RST III in
construction quality. I hope to receive the N1 in days and, Terry, if you
wish I'll give a more complete comparation as I promised in the Contax,
Nikon an Canon lists because I have not a emotional approach to my gear. I
take care of it, I use it as better as I know but I am not in love with it
so my opinión may be not very clever, I'm only a old spanish amateur,  but
rather objective.

Excuse my lenguage, and kind regards