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Subject: [Leica] Black and white printers
From: "Simon Lamb" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 17:37:07 -0000
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I have searched through the archives and saw many messages about inkjet
printers and Quad inks and Cone systems etc.  I wish to print some black and
white scanned images at the higest quality I can, whether that is as good as
or nearly as good as darkroom produced prints.  Can anyone who has started
down this road, and therefore has real world views on using such technology,
provide me with some guidance as to the state-of-the art as it currently
exists.  I presume we would definitely be talking about using the Cone (or
equivalent system) but which printer would provide the highest quality
prints.  I have seen mention of the 1270 (or 1290 as it now is), the 2000p
(although I believe the Cone system cannot be used with this printer), the
3000 and the 1160.  I know that size of print is a question that will affect
the choice.  I will mainly be printing 10x8, but am happy to pay more for an
A3+ printer if the quality is better than others.

If you wish to save bandwidth or avoid repetition then please feel free to
reply privately.



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