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Subject: [Leica] Re: Body focus
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 14:30:36 EST

Dans un courrier daté du 17/01/01 01:03:01 Paris, Madrid, a 
écrit :

<< Before that,
 body focus was adjusted to the castings by hand.  Leica professes (or at 
 did) to have every part within a tolerance for ultimate interchamgeability.  
 would be wary of either approach.  One can lead to difficulty in replacing
 parts due to a larger tolerance in a particular part; the other can have lots
 of little tolerances adding up.
 Maybe I have just been lucky, and everything adds up right.  My Hexar RF
 consistently produces better pictures with LTM lenses than my M3 does; and on
 bayonet lenses, it's hard to tell the difference.  I would give the telephoto
 edge to the M3, because it's easier on my eyes, but I'm not seeing any
 noticeable difference in details at 2700dpi scans.  But then again, I stop
 looking when I find a camera with good "karma" and  everything adds up 
 I think tolerances of whatever make have gotten tighter with better
 instrumentation and better quality control methods.  The question I have is
 whether the new Ms are higher-precision than the old.  In other words, with 
 same 90mm f/2 lens, would an M3 be better than an M6 0.85?  I would guess 
 unless you were shooting into the light.
Just to contribute a little bit to your interesting post , I may add that 
Leica still adjusts the film rails by hand in an empirical manner . I've seen 
being done last summer at the Leica factory in Portugal .
This is a pretty time consuming job , but I guess it's the only final 
that has to be made that way .
This is just like "blueprinting " one of my Drag car engines , I love that .

Jo Goodtimes , France .      
airborne radar tech
live free or die