Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/08/10

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Suggestions for Europe Trip
From: Guy Bennett <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 11:04:32 +0100


a quick comment on the equipment portion of your post. i've been traveling
in france for the last 2 months and brought along the following m gear: m6,
24/2.8, 35/2, 50/2, 90/2.8. the 35/2 is the lens i've undoubtedly used the
most; it's wide enough for most street shots, fast enough for most dim
interiors (with 400 asa film), and great for 'environmental' portraits.
after that i'd say the 50/2 has spent the most time on my camera. the 24
and 90 i've used less, though both have been indispensable at times. this
is my standard gear, and i haul it all around pretty much every day in a
domke 'little bit smaller' bag (i also brought the satchel but have used it
only once).

i would agree with those luggers who recommended you not buy the 21 or 24
especially for this trip; you can probably get by with the 35. i personally
wouldn't bother bringing a tripod - it will of limited use and, with a
group behind you, you may not have time to even set it up. i would also
suggest that you mount the 35 on one body, the 90 (or 50/1.4 if you're in
some dark place) on the other and keep both at hand; moving through europe
with a group, you may not have the leisure to change lenses as much as
you'd like. i've only one m body, and have often regretted not having a
second one, especially when changing lenses in the street (at times in wind
and rain) for this or that shot. finally, as some one wrote, keep an eye on
your stuff. i've never had anything stolen, but it's always a possibility,
especially in crowded places (which is where you'll frequently be) and in
tough parts of town. best to be careful.

have a good time, and report back.


>Luggers -
>I need your sound advice for an upcoming 14 day Europe
>Trip that I'm taking with (cringe!) a tour group.
>To provide you with a little context, I will be
>traveling to London, Paris, Lucerne, Innsbruck, Rome,
>Florence / Tuscany, and Venice.
>I currently have the following for my core leica
>equipment: 2 M6's, 35/2, 50/1.4, 90/2.8. I also
>purchased a Sony S70 digital camera for other shots..
>3) Wide Angle Lens
>I'm contemplating the purchase of a 24 or 21mm M Lens,
>in order to capture everything. One of my concerns it
>that the usage will not justify the cost (possibly