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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: List we forget
From: "A.H.SCHMIDT" <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 11:47:43 +1000
References: <> <014301c0020b$ad7b2b00$>

Miro Jurcevic wrote:

> I discovered an amazing thing with my mail software. It has the ability to
> route any message with a given persons name, straight to the trash and then
> deleted. It has removed many issues on the list for me. I only have the
> wheat now.


the ability to filter, gives us the opportunity to stick our heads in to the
sand and
ignore unknowingly good or annoying mail.

I find, by doing this, you'll miss out on a lot of information and opinions.
Most of us, have on and off days. On some days, we are more grumpy than on
Sometimes we write things we later wish we had not. Sometimes there are pet
we like to get a bit heated about and sometimes some other person really gives
us the shits, and we reply accordingly. But, these are normally only sporadic

The same person who annoyed hell out of you this time, may give you the answer
to a problem the next time.

I never yet, filtered anyone from the LUG. Not even A.A., when he was around.
If ever anyone got up me, then it was him. But no way would I've filtered him
I would have missed all the fun, when other LUGers answered him.

Regards, Horst Schmidt

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