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Subject: RE: [Leica] Performers and flare
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 11:37:44 -0400

I've been doing okay with a 50mm Summicron and Tri-x rated at 200 E.I.,
shooting a lot at night with available light only.  A lot of exposures wide
open at 1/10 second.  Some thin negatives, but the shadow detail is there.
Obviously this set-up is not going to result in images that can handle being
enlarged to 30" x 40" or whatever.  But 11" x 14", not a problem.

IMO, available darkness (using one of Mr. Grant's terms) photography is
where the high contrast modern design Summicron really shines.  Tons of
shadow detail and a beautiful tonal range where I used to just get mud using
my Canon and Nikon lenses.   Of course, the M camera is so much easier to
focus and shoot without shake as well, so that may have something to do with
it also.  Lens or camera, or both, all I can say is the result are
wonderful, and better than anything I have been able to produce with other
gear.  I have become quite superstitious about the whole thing actually,
attributing super-human capabilities to this lens!  When I get a 35mm lens,
I may have to opt for the pre-asph 'cron, just so I don't mess around too
much with the vibes of it all...

Bob Kramer

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From: Edward Meyers []
Subject: Re: [Leica] Performers and flare

If only low-light photographers could use a 100 ISO speed film
and make meaningful images with slow speeds and a tripod...
It is not the case, however. So we do what we can with high-speed
films. Filling in deep shadows in high-contrast low-light
situations, without a flash (hopefully), if helped by flare,
then the photograph might look better. If only this were a
perfect world... Ed

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