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Subject: [Leica] M or R ???
From: Håkan Dennersten <>
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 07:10:33 +0200


Let i am new to this group so if i am picking up an old boring thread,
please ignore this message.

Let me introduce myself. I am a 38 year old ex photographer. I worked as a
fulltime photographer 1981 - 1986.

1986 - 1999 i owned a Canon F1. Took 10 - 20 rolls of film maximum.

Exactly 1 year ago i had a full revival with photography. I think it's
incredible fun again i think i've shot 50 - 70 rolls this past year. I ran
out to by the equipment i worked with in the beginning of the 80:s.

Nikon F2, Nikon FE and four lenses. One Hasselblad 2000 with 2 Lenses and
one Nikon 35 TI, and one Kodak Digital camera.

I hate the new plastic cameras with millions of programmes.

As time has passed by this year i find myself just bringing out the Nikon 35
Ti, and the Hasselblad.

So i was thinking. OK let's realize an old dream. Buy a more fun camera to
bring out.  Let's go and by a Leica M6. I went to the store. But there i
felt unsure what to do. The M6 felt bigger than i thought. The focusing felt
awkward and did'nt get the feeling that i would bring out this camera
everytime i went out of my house, a camera lying on the shelf is of no use !
I had the feeling that the M6 was as the Hasselblad. Boring to use but with
an outstanding result. I felt i did'nt need one more boring camera :)

I went out of the store emptyhanded. Went to Africa one month without the
Nikons and really missed them once being there. Went to Nice last week.
Strolled and found a Leica R4s in a window.

Went in and got a real positive feeling about it, bought it. Got my first
film back today, and the result is fantastic. Like the focusing and display
a lot.  Maybe it's a little plastic feeling. But it's OK.

OK let's come to my questions.

What i need is 2 more cameras. 80 % of the time i use a 35 and a shorter
tele. Once in a while i use a 28, 50 and 200 lens.

I would really like to be convinced to buy a M camera. But how is _really_
to use ??? Maybe one more R camera is the right for me ?? How is the 6.2 ???

Please guide me.

(sorry for my bad english)

Håkan Dennersten

Netch Technologies AB, Vasagatan 15-17,111 20 STOCKHOLM, +46 8 54513580, +46
8 54513585,

New mobilenumber : +46 70 220 17 35

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