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Subject: Re: [Leica] why buy old stuff? (was "notoriously crappy" lens)
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 17:54:04 EDT

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<< Guy-
 The simple reason is that each and every Leitz lens has its own
 charateristics, and if the lens- regardless of age, give you the rendering
 of a scene that meets your expectations, then that is why you'd use old
 stuff! I happily use an Elmar from 1933 simply because I like the way it
 does portraits! No other lens comes close to giving me the look I want. I
 don't disparage new stuff- I have the newer Summicron for my M6, but I still
 like using the LTMs- simple, basic and they work-
 sort of like comparing a trip using a car or a bicycle- the car may be nice,
 and comfortable- and faster, but by using the bike, you get to learn a lot
 about yourself, and you see more of the countryside!
 So.... That's why!  :o)
 Dan (An incredibly curmugeonly and cantankerous Old Fart!) Post >>

From one Old Fart to another:  I've been watching this group for a little 
while, they call it the Leica Users Group but seems like there's a lot more 
talking (and fighting) about choosing Leicas than using Leicas.  Am I wrong?

Chuck Cleary

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