Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/08/04

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Subject: [Leica] Friday FS: filterama
From: Dante A Stella <>
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 20:12:01 -0400

Oh boy.  I need more space for the equipment I really want to keep!  I
have recently bought some B+W.

I will consider trades for B+W 46mm 060 (yellow-green); B+W 39mm
Yellow-Orange or Yellow-Green in clean condition.  Combine as much as
you want and the postage will still be $3.20.

No archive.  Expires on the 11th of July.

For your new Elmarit-M 28 or 90; M-Hexanon 90/2.8 or G2
Ready-made filter collection.
$59 as a set + 3.20 postage
(price the HMC filters some time).
46mm Hoya HMC Yellow K2 -unused in box
46mm Hoya HMC Green X1 - unused in box
46mm Hoya HMC Red 25A - unused in box
46mm Hoya HMC Skylight 1A - mint
46mm Hoya HMC ND2x - unused in box
46mm Hoya HMC 85A - unused in box
46mm Quantaray Circular Polarizer - mint
46mm Minolta Light Orange Y52 (like a G or yellow 15)- unused in box
46mm Soligor Coated Red-Orange (a rare treat - same color as B+W
red-orange) with case
46mm Quantaray Coated Blue (to correct tungsten) with case
46mm Cokin diffuser with case
A raft of generic Multicoated skylights to make diffusers from (like

For your new Elmarit-M 28 or 90; M-Hexanon 90/2.8
$10 + 3.20 postage
Rigid glossy enamel metal lens hood for normal, telephoto.
46mm thread

For Your Summicron 50 or Voigtlander 39mm-thread lens
$15 plus $3.20 postage
Walz vented shade with 39mm adapter (Ednalite, with retaining ring)
- -user shade (a bit bent but not enough to make it useless or unsightly)
with intact paint
- -kind of fidgity (like I said, *used*) but holds Series 6 filters
(I'll throw in a nice Wratten G (yellow 15) pictorial filter)
- -About 1/5 the price of the Leica version

Series VI
$10 each
Hoya coated Series VI red 25A (last generation) - unused in box
Hoya coated Series VI diffuser (last generation) - unused in box

Please contact me off-list.
Any interest in Nikon size filters, please contact me.
More will come as I clean... stay tuned.

Dante Stella