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To: (Leica Newsgroup)
Subject: Pictures from Airplanes...
From: Wolfgang Sachse <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 09:39:26 -0400 (EDT) (Colm Ryan) wrote ...

> |On a recent flight on a 747 I was sitting in the cockpit as we crossed the
> |Grand Canyon and took a few pics, but even the co-pilot's window left a lot
> |to be desired in clarity.  For some reason, they didn't want to open one up
> |so I could get a clearer shot.
> |
> |Michael
> There's a way around this. Most airliners have some sort of door in the 
> passenger section that you can "pop" out with the aid of the large 
> handle on it marked "FOR EMERGENGY USE ONLY". When opened, this gives
> a very good view of the ground ...

	Hi LU's -

	This is VERY bad advice. Most of the EMERGENCY exits
	that I know, exit onto the plane's wings, spoiling your
	view of the ground below. Therefore do NOT follow this

	If you must shoot from a (big) airplane, ask to be fastened
	onto the airplane's wings - like the recent cigarette ads -
	then you and your Leica can get a good shot of the ground below.

	In the 20's they even had some people walking on the wings
	- but that was just at the time when Oskar Barnack was
	developing the Kleinfilmkamera, Leica I.

	-- Wolfgang

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