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Subject: [Leica] How did 50mm become the "normal" lens for 35mm cameras?
From: amr3 at (Alan Magayne-Roshak)
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 13:35:35 -0500

On Thu, 22 Sep 2016 Frank Dernie <Frank.Dernie at>wrote:

>.... My preference of lens to represent the view "as I see it" needs a
85/90mm lens. A 35 is on the limit for me as a maximum wide angle >for
observational pictures. OTOH one can get really good visual effects with
wider, it is just that the resulting picture bears no resemblance >to what
I see naturally, for me.
I was happy to read this.

I thought I might be the only one anywhere who likes 85-90mm best, with
50mm as second choice, which makes my Fuji X-E2 (APS-C) so good for me.  I
can use my old 50mm lenses as fast 85's, but in a small size.  With
adapters, I can use a Summicron collapsible, a DR that I put into a rigid
mount, a Canon f/1.2 LTM, a Zuiko f/1.4, a 1968 Nikkor f/1.4, and a
Super-Takumar f/1.4.  The 35mm f/2 Summicron that I didn't use much on my
M's now works like a 50mm.

For a light outfit to use outdoors, I liked my 90 Elmar on the IIIf, but
always wished I could've afforded a IIIg so that I could have focused and
composed without having had to use the bright line VF on top.   I was
always worried it would get knocked off, too.


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 for an inability to notice. " - Elliott Erwitt

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