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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Two Ladies at the Airport
From: jhnichols at (Jim Nichols)
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2016 22:06:58 -0500
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Ted, I appreciate your kind words, but I give a lot of credit to the 
lens.  The close-up of the young woman that I posted is uncropped, 
manually focused, in a difficult lighting situation, and yet her eye is 
as sharp as a tack, and the facial detail is great.  She was 
concentrating on doing her job, not posing.  And I only got one frame of 
that one.

Jim Nichols
Tullahoma, TN USA

On 9/18/2016 6:33 PM, Ted Grant wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> " I have read that the Leica 90mm makes a nice portrait lens.  I'm
> impressed."
> No Jim it isn't the lens! It's the guy holding and using the camera and
> lens! I know you already know that and practise it every day! :-)
> All our LEICA gear is nothing but metal/glass junk if it weren't for our
> enthusiasm for photography and knowledge in how to make it work!
> I'm so fed up with the ongoing piles of advertising crap about new super
> whiz bang camera gear with all these new bells and whistles. That maybe
> true!
> Unfortunately there are millions upon millions who have the gear and 
> they're
> mental moron midgets about what makes and does make the captured moments.
> Oh they know how to make it work. Well turn it on and or whatever thingy
> switches it may have?
> But they do not have one iota of photographic knowledge about composition,
> lighting or light use good bad & ugly.
> But we sickenly continue to hear how great they are as photographers when 
> in
> reality the only thing they know for sure???? IS HOW TO TURN IT ON AND 
> But then we of the "CREW" have an entirely different relation toward our
> most lovable photo hobbies and or professions!
> Oh just my miserable passing thoughts after looking at some BS dumb ass
> camera advertising!
> Have a nice day! :-)
> cheers,
> Dr. ted  :-)
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> Jim Nichols
> Sent: September-18-16 2:52 PM
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> Subject: [Leica] IMG: Two Ladies at the Airport
> On a quiet day at the airport, I came away with three images that I
> wanted to post.
> On my radio scanner, I have been hearing a new voice from the skydiver
> jump aircraft.  Today I met the pilot, a young woman who said she will
> be helping them out during the winter months.
> This young woman drove the big jet fuel truck over to the Twin Otter and
> fueled both tanks.  I've been wanting to capture this smile for some time.
> While filling the final tank, she kept a close eye on the truck's fuel
> counter.
> I have read that the Leica 90mm makes a nice portrait lens.  I'm impressed.
> Comments and critiques welcomed and appreciated.

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