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Subject: [Leica] Light tripods and electronic first curtain
From: john at (John McMaster)
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2015 21:02:57 +0100
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You sound like you have never used one Mark? The big thing, other than quick
release, is that the lens is centered on the head horizontally or vertically
with no effort...


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From: Mark Rabiner

A big thing now with serious tripod users are the Arca-Swiss quick release
system and L brackets both made by Kirk or Really Right Stuff

Getting your camera off your tripod so you can move on to the next thing and
then putting it back on again quickly and securely really is a big deal.
Its not always so good to walk around with your camera on your tripod. In
Manhattan I don't think it would work. You'd clunk someone in the head or
get shook down by the police. Or both.

On 10/27/15 2:26 PM, "Gene Duprey" <geneduprey2015 at> wrote:

>  I found the wooden tripods way to cumbersome for field work.  I used 
> them daily when I was an engineer, but hated them.  So far my 3 year 
> old Gitzo series 5 has had no issues, and with the Wimberly Gimbal 
> head is super for flying birds.
> Gene
> On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 1:05 PM, Gene Duprey 
> <geneduprey2015 at>
> wrote:
>> I use the Gitzo Systematic Series 5 GT5542LS tripod when shooting 
>> birds and wildlife with my Nikon D4 and 400/2.8.  I use both Ball and 
>> Gimbal heads.  Kind of overkill for a Leica M though.  But with the 
>> Nikon setup it really makes a difference.
>> Gene
>> On Sun, Oct 25, 2015 at 3:04 PM, John McMaster <john at> 
>> wrote:
>>> Oh well, I have never been a fan of Manfrotto. I have fixed the 
>>> fibre rings in many Gitzos, used geared columns etc. I have a steel 
>>> and a carbon fibre Gitzo, my 'best' tripod is the big Zone VI wooden 
>>> tripod. With a Wimberley head and big lenses it runs rings around my 
>>> carbon fibre Gitzo with an Arca Cube head...
>>> John - in France
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From:  Mark Rabiner
>>> The Gitzo's made in France though the choice among discerning 
>>> photogs over the decades has some glaring design flaws. Muddy water 
>>> would cripple the legs which required an engineering degree to fix.. 
>>> Raise the post even a little and the camera would flop around like 
>>> Harold Lloyd on a clock. We'd replace the posts with short posts or non
>>> When they were bought out by their Italian   competition, Manfrotto
>>> (Bogen)
>>> Manfrotto re designed everything making everything MUCH better. They 
>>> are far better tripods now. Much better made. All kinds of different 
>>> design systems.
>>> Amazing. I still have my old ones though.
>>> On 10/25/15 4:22 AM, "John McMaster" <john at> wrote:
>>>> AFAIK every Gitzo has come with a plate that does that, just undo 
>>>> the collar and lift out the centre column and fit it.
>>>> john
>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>> From: Mark Rabiner
>>>> But there is a Gitzo version now for very heavy use in which there 
>>>> is no post and the camera rests on the top plate where the legs 
>>>> meet. A very serious commitment to stability. I'd buy an 8x10 just to
use one.

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