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Subject: [Leica] Leica R28 on the Fuji XT1 via the Metabones Nikon F to Fuji X adapter
From: cummer at (H&ECummer)
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2015 15:54:00 +0800
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Hi Luggers,
I reported awhile back on using the Nikon F to Fuji X Metabones adapter and 
offer this rather long followup.

I liberated my Leica R 28F2.8 with Leitax N bayonet from my son-in-law?s dry 
box and here is a snap
of me taken at Shogun Camera in Tsim Sha Tsui where I bought the adapter.


The problem with the Metabones adapter is that the springs are too strong 
and make mounting the lens
too stiff. If you go to the Metabones website they offer the following 
reason and suggest a correction:

"Why is the mount so stiff? It is hard to attach the lens!
Your Metabones? adapter is optimized for video work, and one very important 
requirement is for the mount to not wobble or move while the zoom and focus 
rings are operated. This means lens mounting is tighter than OEM. 
Unfortunately this leads to a slight inconvenience when mounting and 
dismounting the lens. You may want to disassemble the mount ring on the 
adapter and weaken the 3 leaf springs underneath using a plier if your 
application is still photography and you prioritize ease of use over solid 

Adjusting  the springs is easier suggested than accomplished because 
Metabones uses special screws for which I did not have the proper screw 
So I took the adapter back to Tommie at Shogun and he sent it to his 
workshop. It came back over night and I took the R 28 over to try it. It 
mounted smoothly with a click and Ricky took the picture which I have 
posted. When I got home - I tried to mount a Nikkor AF AIS lens (the older 
ones - not G - with an aperture ring)
and it would not click into place. I twisted it hard, thinking the springs 
were still too tight, and when I took the lens off - one of the springs was 
crushed out of shape.

So it was back to Shogun at opening yesterday and Tommie took the adapter in 
for a second adjustment and repair. He had another F to X adapter in the shop
with adjusted springs and that one would not accept the Leitax mount at all 
- although my adapter would - so obviously there are variations in the 

Late yesterday Tommie phoned to say that the Metabones distributor would 
give me a new adapter after the Easter Holidays so we will see if the 
difficulties are resolved. I am posting this long winded explanation because 
earlier I recommended the Metabones adapter for using N mount lenses on the 
Fuji X cameras and
I just want everyone to know that it is not as straightforward as I first