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Subject: [Leica] my offspring on Tri X
From: cummer at (H&ECummer)
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 08:50:27 +0800
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Hi Nathan,
I don?t think it irrational at all to shoot the occasional roll of film - 
especially B&W. I do that once a year with my Children and Grandkids. I haul 
out my M4 and 50mm Summilux and my Nikon F2AS and the 50mm f1.4 and fire 
away. The last time I did this Miss O asked to see the pictures right away 
on the back of the camera. A child of the digital age! I get the films 
developed and a photo CD scanned. Then I file the negatives and CD away - 
clearly marked with family subjects, place and date.
I figure - in 50 years - when all my DVDs and photo CDs and portable hard 
drives are unreadable - Miss O will still be able to get images out of those 
negatives to show her grandchildren when she was little. 
PS: Nice pix BTW!

From: Nathan Wajsman <photo at>
To: lug Group <lug at>, Olympus Camera Discussion
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Subject: [Leica] IMG: my offspring on Tri-X

Totally irrationally, I still shoot the occasional roll of 35mm film; and 
last weekend in London, I finished a roll of Tri-X in my Bessa R2M. Tri-X 
and a collapsible 50mm Summicron from the early 1950s?doesn?t get much more 
classical that this! 

Despite the excellence of my digital cameras, film still has something ?je 
ne sais quoi?. While my wife was raiding Oxford Street last Sunday, the 
children and I escaped to a pub in a side street. Both of these images were 
taken wide open and at slowish shutter speeds:

The first-born:!i=3931714632&k=CjCZfFS&lb=1&s=O

The No. 1 Daughter:!i=3931714642&k=3cGN7Fp&lb=1&s=O