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Subject: [Leica] Monochrom metadata and uncoded lenses
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2015 16:07:56 -0800
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OK LET's try a few things on how I use and handled my cameras while covering
my assignments during the past 60 years? And never been a techie ever! WHY?

Well I was and still am, a photojournalist of little or no camera
questioning? Nor rarely read camera instruction manuals. :-)
1/ Open back of camera snap in a roll of film. A quick hand meter reading
for shooting light! After that it was all "BY GUESS, GUT AND GOD!" :-)

heavens' name would you bother testing them. Once in awhile with long teles
I might pop a few frames wide open and a few stopped right down just to see
the effects. THAT WAS IT! After that I knew what to expect and if I used the
Super Wide 15mm on either the R cameras or the 15mm for M body many were
flying it looking through the LENS view finder for a quick check. CLICK!  

And all this stuff that many of you pay so much attention to as in EXIF? OR
WHATEVER? And other considered bells and whistles. I ask myself?....  "What
the hell is that stuff and I don't know nor ever think about simply because
I don't have a clue where in the camera you set it! Nor do I see horrible
images because I don't know, nor care what the hell it's all about. 

And due to not knowing what these techie things do nor do not do? Are my
published photos not any good? Or when during a screening presentation the
audience during the course of the presentation give me wonderful "STANDING

Once again lads & ladies may I ask? Is it really absolutely a need to know
all this techie stuff for better content photographs?

What it does or doesn't do in maybe capturing the most "Fantastic Content"
one could hope for? Because the "BOTTOMLINE WILL ALWAYS BE THE CONTENT
CAPTURED!" And if not using, nor setting all these bells and whistles will I
be a failure as a photographer?

All I know is this EXIF or Whatever the hell it is along with all the other
symbols etc.?? At the blink of my eye to the "CLICK" of my reaction to the
fleeting real life split second moment? Because I don't know nor willingly
know how or what to set? "How is it my photos just kinda look cool fine?"

I'm not trying to bug you technical astute folks by my nearly always
appearing to challenge all the in camera technologies that to me and my
photo results are completely meaningless drivel! But then that's me and my
total belief of a "KISS PHOTO-LIFE!" :-) 

And that's it since 27 May 1950 when my dear wife Irene gave me my first
camera! An Argus A2 35mm film camera and my photo life began. :-) 

Dr. ted :-)

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