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Subject: [Leica] PHOTOG BAD NEWS!!!! :-)
From: gcr910 at (Greg Rubenstein)
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2015 13:30:40 -0600

The SI and Reuters decisions are disappointing on many fronts. The fact is 
the quality of photography, particularly for SI, likely won't suffer.


Rather than foot the expenses for full-time photographers, they'll shift to 
contract shooters, using people they know. And they will pay the known 
shooters well while dumping the ongoing costs and issues that come with the 
responsibilities of maintaining a full-time staff.

Core editorial staffs across the board are shrinking -- print and online. 
Have been for many years. Freelancers for writing, photography, 
illustration, design and other functions are increasing in numbers through 
this outsourcing.

This raises a thicket of issues for people working in -- or wanting to work 
-- in this arena. Makes a tough business tougher. It's now the age of the 
freelancer, agency, collective, consultant, contractor -- whatever you want 
to call these people now.

Sad to see for old-timers such as myself and others who came up through 
newspapers and magazines, but it's the way of the 21st century and much of 
the new technology we benefit from.

Many corporations used to have in-house publishing departments with 
photographers, designers, illustrators, writers and more (yes, labs and 
printing, too). Outsourcing of many of those corporate functions to agencies 
or businesses using these skill sets as core business functions started in 
earnest in the late 80s.

Heck, our LUG yearbook through Blurb is, in many ways, a poster child for 
what's happening in publishing.

Greg Rubenstein

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