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Subject: [Leica] Just sent my two pictures for the yearbook
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2014 20:36:12 -0800
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Jim Shulman OFFERED:
Subject: [Leica] Just sent my two pictures for the yearbook

So, off your collective duffs, sluggards, and help out Hoppy!  There?s
nothing quite so satisfying as getting most of the entries early, since it
helps the editor sort out any technical questions.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Hi Jim,
I also sent mine and received acknowledgement Hoppy received them OK.

So now it's OK for me to go into rant and rage mode reminders for the rest 
of you luggittes to get yours in right now! THAT'S RIGHT THIS WEEK!  I 
walked out the door and shot both of mine within 20 minutes, downloaded 
tweaked and gone!

And my "desktop 2014 LUGBOOK folder" wasn't  even opened that I started 
placing new images back in January 2014 and the odd one every few months 
since. My good fortune I didn't require the photos. 

Of course a great many of you folks created a 2014 LUGBOOK folder last 
January as I suggested to insert the odd shot so you wont panic in the last 
few weeks or days for submission.

Yeah I know you forgot it? 

Oh well yer loss. And most of you have never been published in a book for 
FREE during your photographer careers! You've never experienced the 
incredible thrill of opening the book, turning the pages "THEN... POW IN YER 
are some of the crew who can verify the incredible inner bubbling feelings 
when you open the book and there's your name and photos on a couple of 
pages!!! JUST GOTTA LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! :-) 


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