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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Toledo 1962!
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 17:23:01 -0700
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Nathan Wajsman SHOWED:
Subject: [Leica] IMG: Toledo

>I have now lived in Spain for 7 years. My Spanish friends and colleagues 
>have always been telling me about Toledo, how it is unique, magnificent, 
>with roots of the Moorish and Jewish cultures that flourished there in the 
>Middle Ages. Well, this past Thursday and Friday I finally visited the 
>city. And my verdict is that my Spanish friends were right. Toledo is 
>indeed one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, despite the 
>rain that accompanies us during much of those two days.
> Some pictorial evidence is here:

Hi Nathan,
No pictures, but someday I'll find some bull fighting and other Toledo
photos from that long ago time. This is a story about part of my first
international assignment for WEEKEND MAGAZINE!YEP FALL 1962 it was! 

TIME: A 6 week first ever international magazine assignment covering a
number of various assignments across Europe.

The first assignment was covering an INTERPOL International Conference in
Madrid. I had been cleared and accredited as a "Canadian attached INTERPOL
officer with the RCMP" as was the senior magazine journalist I was working

The meetings were on for several days when we were taken to Toledo so see a
"BULL FIGHT" :-) My first ever!
That in itself was quite an amazing event to say the least. However our
seating for photography was a disaster, so I went off looking for a "media
entrance?" so I could get right inside and in the walk way surrounding the
infield where all the action took place. 

I found a doorway where I could make out "PRESS" in faded paint on a huge
wooden door. So I pounded on the door several times and finally a little
sort of peasant looking man opened the door.


When we originally registered at the Convention center each assigned person
was given what one could call a sort of "INTERPOL POLICE BADGE!" Meant only
for quick access as we entered the building. We pinned it inside our jackets
for quick showing. :-)

AMAZING WHAT a "sort of police badge can do under the right circumstances! "

The physically smallish man whom opened the door to my knocking really
didn't understand English language. :-( And was about to close the door in
my face. Bad move!! :-(  I said.. "PRESS, PHOTOGRAPHICA, MEDIA, MEDIA!"
Indicating I wanted to get inside. 

Not a hope he was going to let me in! WHEN I "FIRMALLY AND BOLDLY OFFERED::
"INTERNATIONAL POLITZA!!" Several times while waving my hand to enter,
"FLASHING MY INTERPOL BADGE IN HIS FACE!" :-) I wasn't sure who was the most
scared? Me? Because of using the badge in this fashion and might get into
"deep doo-doo" for doing so? It was he, my good fortune as he turned and
scampered up a long tunnel right to the ringside walk way. With me hot on
his heals with cameras out and ready to go as soon as I was ringside.

MY SAVIOURS?? A couple of the Spanish secret service officers who recognized
me from the previous days during the conference gave me a big wave and
smile. Then turned to the chap who let me in and said something to him. He
then turned to me, tipped his hat and gave me a big smile and nod of his

And that's how I shot my first bull fighting ever in Toledo, Spain! A LONG

It however is a most incredible city to visit and see some of the earliest
moments of time!  

Dr. ted :-) 

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