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Subject: [Leica] Leica Porn
From: george.imagist at (George Lottermoser)
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2014 01:58:48 -0500
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On Sep 22, 2014, at 12:13 AM, Ted Grant wrote:

> It's just today every time we , that's we all of us on the lug can't just
> walk in to a camera store and say... "hey I'll take the new LEICA B&W
> camera." Why? Hell man how many have $22,000 in yer back pocket to pay for
> it ? The M cameras? Heck they're also at the top end of cost. AND AT THE

I understand all too well some of the points that are so often made re: 
Leica Costs.

Though let's get real.
I paid $6K for a Leica M (240) - 2014 dollars
I can use every M lens I own on the body.
I can use every R lens I own on the body.
It delivers superb image quality
which will hold its own with virtually any other 24x36 sensor.

that $6K translates to $803.26 in 1965 dollars.
or $687 in 1955 dollars.
Which is about twice what an M3 actually cost in 1955.
And you had to feed that camera continuous film and processing costs.

And you were buying them in sets of twos and threes.
As was every other news and magazine photographer on the planet.

Canon EOS-1D C Camera (Body Only) $10K
Nikon D3X (Body Only) $7K
A Nikon D4 (Body only) $5K

Nobody's denouncing Nikon and Canon
for making cameras that are WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.

The fact that we can buy so-called Pro-Sumer models for $3K
which deliver wonderful files;
and ConSumer models for a fraction of that
is the only difference.
And the fact that they make hundreds of millions of the things.

This shit ain't cheap no matter whose making it

Top End Medium Format Backs (no camera body at all) $40K

A lot of this Leica IS ONLY for dilettantes and collectors
qualifies as its own mythology
kept alive by Leica naysayers.

We have serious, prolific, talented photographers on this list
who find the ways and means to photography with M8s, M9s, Ms, and MMs.
And there's many more lists out there with many more serious Leica shooters.

Used M8s sell every day for $1300 - $1800
Used M9s continue to hold at or a bit over $3K
with M9-Ps going $500 to $1,000 more than that.
I saw an M Monochrom sell a couple weeks ago for $4,500.

The same vintage Nikons and Canons do not do nearly as well by comparison.

I'd be lucky to get $400 or $500 for my Canon 5D.

Apples and apples
Oranges and oranges

Everyone's mileage, needs, wants and desires will vary

George Lottermoser

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