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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Security Man, NYC, 2014 (to Douglas & Ken)
From: ausdlk at (David Lykes Keenan)
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2014 09:49:55 -0500

>Ted, Garry Winogrand tilted most of his oeuvre and some people worship the
> very ground he tilted his Leica over. On Flickr, there's even a group
>"Garry Winogrand's Canted Moments" and people can post their cants in
>homage. The thing about Mr. K's picture I'd like to know is where did his
>ring finger get bitten off, and what is the name of his tailor so I can
>avoid him :-)

>The suit just needs a little press.  Sometimes mine look like that too
>when I first take them out of the package.

Douglas & Ken --

It was this man's face that drew me in. This was taken inside a retail
store, that, and the fact that I didn't want him to see me taking his
picture, is why it ended up being "canted".

I didn't notice the "missing" finger until I started processing the image.
As much as a lopped off finger might add to the mystery of the photograph,
I suspect that it is hooked with his thumb out of view.

Addressing Dr. Ted's tongue-in-cheek crit, I doubt that I would have looked
at this image file a second time if it WASN'T crooked. That aspect makes it
a photograph in my estimation.

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