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Subject: [Leica] IMG: 3 from Hong Kong
From: richard at (Richard Man)
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2014 08:25:18 +0800

First,my gracious photo buddy from yesterday, Howard. Howard looks like a
handsome scholarly gentleman and was stopped by a Mainlander asking for his

Next is a depressing image. The pollution can be so bad.. well, see for

The bad air from China blows down. China needs to fix its problems. By some
accounting, 50,000 Mainlanders daytrip to HK EVERY DAY. They are stocking
up on food and medicine, carrying them in their giant suitcases.

Another aside - no less than 3 occasions, Mainlanders asked me for
directions. At least I know how to say "I do not speak Mandarin" in
Mandarin :-) May be I look like a Hong Konger from Mainland :-)

Lastly, a more cheerful image:

Here's Silvermine Bay, which I remembered was a HUGE beach and with
glistening white sand. It turns out to be much smaller with generic beach
sand. OK, it was high tide, but still... ah, childhood memory I tried to
remember the dirt path to my grandparents' house, but a) it was long time
ago, b) the dirt path is now paved. In fact, I think it was part of the
2008 Olympic (training?) Trail, c) apparently some/most of the old villages
were razed.

Just asked my sister the name of the village. With that, possibly I can at
least find the approximate area next time.
// richard <>

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