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Subject: [Leica] Ted Grant: 60 Years...
From: robertbaron1 at (Robert Baron)
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 07:59:33 -0600
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==On Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 1:19 AM, Peter Klein <pklein at> 

> Amazon USA doesn't have it yet, although they might get it around the end
> of the month. I got my copy this week, straight from the publisher in
> Surrey, BC.
> This book is wonderful.  Thelma Fayle, the author, did great job. She
> truly *gets* Ted, both as a person and as a photographer.  She talked with
> many people who knew Ted as a colleague, and many that he photographed.
>  There's quite a bit of Irene in the book, too.  So the reader sees Ted
> from several perspectives. There are many wonderful photos, some that Ted's
> LUG friends know well, and some we've never seen before. There's a good
> sampling of the Wit and Wisdom of Dr. Ted gathered into this one volume.
> One thing that struck me is how affectionately everyone spoke of
> Ted--colleagues, subjects, everyone. The only other photographer I can
> recall who had that universal effect on people is Eisenstadt. So when I
> describe him to people who will get the reference as "the Canadian Eisie,"
> I guess I'm not far off. Former Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark and his
> wife Maureen McTeer wrote the foreword.
> This is a book to treasure. We who know Ted have been lucky enough to hear
> many of his stories over the years. So we've got a few more details to read
> in between the lines. Whoever reads this book will get a sense of how our
> Dr. Ted documented so much, so well, and made so many friends along the 
> way.
> A sip of cognac in your honor, Ted. Another to Thelma. And another to
> Irene.
> --Peter
An excellent summation, Peter.  Thanks.

It's honestly too early in the morning  here in Oklahoma for a sip of
cognac but from the pending weather forecast it looks like we'll be doing a
lot of our own sipping  to stay warm by tonight; when we do we'll be
thinking of Ted and the group that will gather in New York next April.


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