Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2013/11/08

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Subject: [Leica] Friday FS! - Lots of Lots
From: dstella1 at (Dante Stella)
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2013 22:03:49 -0500

I need this clutter-generating stuff out of my house before my infant 
daughter gets at it or my 3-year-old weaponizes it. It has been grouped into 
lots by what camera/system it fits and priced to sell. Postage is not 
included (I will provide the figure to you, at cost, when you tell me how 
many lots you want to buy ? and I am very good at finding the packaging that 
gets the job done at the smallest weight - most of these lots can go First 
Class). I prefer to ship within the United States (due to customs hassles, 

Paypal is fine (no surcharges, ?net to me? nonsense). 

Not everything is pictured in this ad, but I have photographed everything.

Trades? I am looking for B W filters in 72mm (023) and 52mm (061 and 041). 
Figure as a trade, I?ll allow what KEH sells these for.

Delkin Dual Universal Charger Lot - $30
-Delkin Dual Universal Charger (120/220V, also takes plates for the M8/M9 
and many other cameras)
-2 x EN-EL3 (D300, D700) plates

Fuji X100 accessory lot - $20
-Hot shoe to hot shoe pass-through adapter with additional PC connection
-Delkin NP-95 battery new, sealed in U.S.-market blister pack
-Sonia 49mm female-female adapter (cheapo way to mount a filter)
-49mm Hoya polarizer (linear is fine for this camera)
-49mm Pro No. 1 closeup lens
-49mm Pro 80B (blue for tungsten correction; leaves a little natural-looking 

Fuji X-Pro1, XM-1, XE-1, XE-2 accessory lot - $25
-Rainbow Konica to FX adapter
-Rainbow Nikon G (has aperture control) to FX adapter

Sony NEX accessory lot - $25
-Rainbow Leica M to NEX
-Rainbow Konica AR to NEX
-Basic NEX shoe to ISO cold shoe adapter
-2 generic body caps (replicas of Sony)
-1 generic rear lens cap (same)
-49mm HMC filter (for hard use only)

Backup schmackup lot ? $30
-Aleratec Copy Cruiser (copies CF I/II and regular SD cards (2gb and under) 
to USB devices and vice-versa. Can also selectively copy files among these 
(you can see the directories on a small LCD display). Also acts as a card 
-4 x Kingston Data Traveler 2Gb USB drives
-4 x Kingston Data Traveler 1Gb USB drives
-1 x Kingston Data Traveler 8Gb USB drive

Canon CLI-8 Lot - $ 65
-Genuine Canon ink cartridges, sealed
-2 x Cyan
-3 x Photo Cyan
-2 x Magenta
-1 x Photo Magenta
-2 x Yellow
-1 x Black
-Free Pixma iP6700d printer (with partially used cartridges) if you pick up 

Bay 1 TLR accessory lot - $7
-Ednalite Bay 1 to Series V ring
-Generic Series V to VI step up ring
-Baby cloth cable release
-Generic round leatherette case (capable of holding a hood up to Bay 3 size)
-6 spare 120 film spools

Fuji GL690/GM670 accessory lot - $10
-72mm Quantaray (Sigma) coated 1A filter
-72mm Hoya UV
-72mm Hoya 81A
-Fujica ST701 accessory shoe (with a small amount of ingenuity can be 
mounted to the 19mm eyepiece on the above cameras)
- Add $10 apiece for Hoya orange (G) or green (X1) filters

Hoya 52mm B/W contrast filters (i.e. Fuji GA645 accessory lot) $20
-Hoya coated orange (with case)
-Hoya HMC yellow-green X0 (with case)
-Hoya HMC green X1 (with case)

Konica AR (SLR) Lot - $55
-Konica to Praktica (M42) adapter
-Konica Hexanon 57/1.4 lens

Polaroid Lot - $25
-Polaroid flash foot (for DIY projects that clip onto the 250 or 350 
-Polaroid flash cord (cord with special plug to fit into the 250/350/450 
flash receptacle ? shortens the shutter speed. Raw end).
-Lentar wide/tele kit for cameras with Zeiss RFs ? complete with lenses, 
finder, case and, incredibly, a distance scale that seems to be missing from 
every other kit I have seen.
-Polaroid UV filter for 250/350/360/450 with case (very useful as a frame 
for attaching gels from a Roscolux swatch book).

Flash Babies Lot - $20
-Vivitar 2800 automatic flash with diffuser
-Energizer Recharge (low self discharge) NiMH batteries, new in sealed 
package with charger.

Miscellaneous lot $10
-49mm Tiffen Orange 16 filter
-52mm Quantaray (Sigma) FL-D filter (new, unopened)
-52mm Vivitar Polarizer
-52mm Tiffen FL-D with case
-52mm Tiffen FL-B with case
-55mm Minolta yellow-green with case
-55mm Marumi Circular Polarizer
-Small clear snap case for 4 AA or AAA batteries
-Plastic double accessory shoe adapter
-5 empty filter cases (circular, two-part design)
-Kaiser standard PC to hot shoe adapter (puts hot shoe on camera)