Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2013/10/25

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Subject: [Leica] Friday FS: Stuff!
From: dstella1 at (Dante Stella)
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2013 02:03:43 -0400

Ok, time to cut down the piece and parts count - small children in the 

U.S. Shipping (my choice) is included for all items but filters. No Paypal 
fees. I will entertain a reasonable offer for all the filters at once.

Nikon SB-28DX. Tilt and swivel flash provides full TTL operation with Nikon 
film and D-TTL digital cameras (D1; D1x; D1H; D2X; D2H; D100; Fuji S1, S2 
and S3; Kodak 14n, etc.). Also has auto and manual modes (incl. power 
factors) that work with all cameras. The Nikon ready signal will trigger the 
correct synch speed with Konica and Leica M cameras). Perfect function, some 
small scuffs at the bottom corners of the black lens housing, otherwise 
lovely. With case. $55.

Vivitar 2800 flash Small, tilt-capable flash with two auto modes and one 
manual mode. Includes WA diffuser. Hot shoe operation; you can also use a 
standard Vivitar 283-style PC cord (not included) to trigger it. If I can 
find the other color filters, you get those too. $17

Nikon SU-4 slave. This is a very handy device that acts as a slave and 
tripod mount for your flash. With Nikon film TTL systems, this will cut the 
slave flash when the camera cuts the main flash. Includes the Nikon diffuser 
to cut back output from a camera?s pop-up flash (if desired). $39

Mamiya 50mm viewfinder (6x9, 6x7 framelines). The kind of 21mm FOV finders; 
good eye relief and very low distortion. Parallax compensation by dial. 
Clean glass; some edge wear on the lower housing. $129

Fuji X-100 special hood. Ok; I made this one myself. Bakelite Fujica 24mm 
lens hood with a viewfinder window cut in it (you can barely see the hood 
edge in frame, but the corner of the hood does center in the VF). $25

Delkin NP-95 battery for X100/X100s New in sealed package. I have like 10 of 
these open already. $8

Fujica ST701 flash shoe, black Designed for Fujica SLRs, but because it is 
designed to fit around a Nikon 19mm eyepiece, you could also use it to add a 
flash shoe to a Nikon F3 (non-HP) or a Fuji GL690 or GM670 (you may need to 
add filler to the top of the camera/prism on either). $8

Aleratec Copy Cruiser Palm-sized combination media copier (CF to SD, 
vice-versa, either to USB) and card reader. Comes with USB cable (to 
computer) and leatherette case. This does not read SDHC (4Gb and larger) SD 
cards. $18

Filters, filters, filters May or may not include cases. $1.50 shipping per 
filter; buy 3 filters, and I?ll throw in shipping. All glass is clean and 
filter rings pretty unless otherwise noted.

        ? [All] 49mm Hoya 1A - $3
        ? [All] 49mm Hoya linear polarizer - $5
        ? [All] 49mm Pro (Japan) 1 closeup lens - $3
        ? [All] 49mm Pro (Japan) 80B filter (tungsten light corrector) - $3
        ? [Color] 52mm Vivitar linear polarizer - $3
        ? [Color] 52mm Quantaray (Sigma) FL-Daylight (new in package) - $5
        ? [Color] 52mm Tiffen Fluorescent filters (FL-B and FL-D) $5 for both
        ? [B/W] 52mm Hoya G (Orange) (3 available) - $7
        ? [B/W] 52mm Hoya HMC X0 (yellow green) - $9
        ? [B/W] 52mm Hoya HMA X1 (deep green) - $9
        ? [Color] 52mm Hoya 80A (blue, tungsten correction) - $5
        ? [B/W] 55mm Minolta G0 (yellow-green) - $5
        ? [All] 72mm Quantaray (Sigma) 1A skylight (new in package) - $7
        ? [All] Polaroid UV for pack cameras (good as frame for gels] - $7

Free if you buy something else (1 item free per $5 in other purchases)
        ? Series 5 to 6 step up ring
        ? Ednalite 508 Bay 1 to Series 5 ring
        ? 49-49mm female-female ring (cheapo way to put filters on X100)
        ? Tiffen 55mm lens thread to 58mm filter Step-Up ring
        ? Gossen Digisix/Digiflash neoprene carry case
        ? Generic leatherette case (holds a Rollei Bay III hood)
        ? Polaroid flash mounting clip (DIY, use it to mount something to 
your pack camera; was the base of a Polaroid flash).
        ? Plastic double accessory shoe adapter
        ? 6" fabric cable release (vintage)

        ? Tamrac N-45 strap (brown suede pad) $7
        ? Sony Nex (3, 5, 7, etc) generic cold shoe adapter $5

Dante Stella