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Subject: [Leica] Southern girl
From: sonc.hegr at (Sonny Carter)
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2013 11:05:17 -0500
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On Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 9:50 AM, <lrzeitlin at> wrote:

>  Sonny,
> You are right.. She is a pretty senorita, a crumpet, a bit of fluff, a
> teaser, a babe, a jug of jailbait, and I' sure she doesn't mind having you
> think of her that way. But if she was your daughter, you might object if I
> harbored the same thoughts.

?Sorry, again you reacted, not reading nor understanding what someone

> Perhaps the critics of the LUG are right in saying that it is a mutual
> admiration society peopled by mostly old farts who are aging as fast as
> their obsolescent equipment.

> Remember Sonny, that ad hominum attacks are the final gasp of those too
> mentally enfeebled to have a cogent thought of their own.

?Which is what you just did above.?

> Wake up. We have a mostly black President now,

?I voted for him both times.?

> will likely have a woman President in 2016,

?I support her?

> gays can marry in many states,

?I'm married to a beautiful Dansih woman, but you may marry anyone you

> public health care is coming,

?My wife is a Public Health Nurse.?

> and in a few years whites will be the minority in the U.S.

?I'm part native American


t's happening whether Southerners like it or not.

Two of the most prejudiced people I know are Pennsylvanians who live in
this quaint Southern town.?

It's the 21st. century, not the 19th.

Yes, and you need to remember that the meds you are taking may cloud your
cognitive powers.


> Now go out and take pictures. I shall. By the way, Happy Independence Day!

?I seem to post lots more RECENT pictures than you . . .?


Natchitoches, Louisiana


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