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Subject: [Leica] Third party M to X adapter
From: cummer at (H&ECummer)
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 05:52:14 -0700
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Hello Luggers,
I am safely back in Canada - amazed at the lack of crowds and the clearness 
of the air. Just prior to my departure to Canada, I picked up 
a-just-delivered-from-the-factory Shogun M to X adapter from their shop on 
Lock Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. Kowloon.  I have been playing with the adapter 
and all my Leica lenses. In sum, although nicely made, it does not provide 
sharp focus at infinity* for my 18mm, 24mm, several 35mm lenses or 50mm 
summilux Asph. Longer telephoto lengths (Cosina 75, 90 Elmarit, 135 Elmar) 
maintain better infinity focus but still not tack sharp.  Also if the Tri 
Elmar is mounted the 35 setting will not lock on and you cannot, without a 
great deal of perplexing effort and careful jimmy-ing get the adapter off. 
GIven the delicacy of the focal length shifting mechanism on the 3T that was 
a heart stopping moment. I took test pictures of city lights at dawn (up 
because of Jet lag) on a tripod at ISO 3200 but I am not going to bother to 
post them. The description above sums it up. If anyone wants to see a set of 
the photos please contact me off list. In sum the impression is that there 
is potential here but the adapter obviously needs to be precision measured 
and made. Fuji's surely will be. Joseph Yao says he thinks what I have from 
Shogun may be just slightly too thick. Of course accurate handheld focusing 
with 10X magnification will be hit and miss for most unless the camera is on 
a tripod. For myself I think it may be better to stick with Fuji lenses and 
autofocus given my tri focal eyes.
* infinity meaning the lens is set on infinity and city lights in North 
Vancouver (several miles away) are pin pricks of light on the sensor when in 

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