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Subject: [Leica] leica m10
From: red735i at (Frank Filippone)
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2012 13:52:58 -0800
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Response just in from Solms.....

1) Drink less coffee and learn to hold the camera still.
2) It's a friggin RF Camera.... If you want a fast FPS camera, go buy a
Nikon..... .... 
3) Go get a movie camera....
4) Back to #2
5) Carry a spare.  We make $185 on each $200 battery we sell you.  We need
the profits.
6) We are German.  We tell YOU what sensor size you will get.  And you had
best like it.
7) Ditto #5 but move the price up to $400
8) Shut up and hold still.
9) If you are not an Oligarch, go find some other camera brand.  We need the
10) You got live view now... look through the VF... Live view, no shutter
11) Whiners.

Frank Filippone
Red735i at

1) image stabilization built in to the body (they can licsnce this
technology  from sony, thier old partner)
2) much better buffer and more frames per second
3) shooting movies with m (not for me)
4) fuji x10/pro like view finder
5) better battery life and better battery
6) 36 meg is now the norm, so something close
7) a built in 1.4x magnifier, that u can use at will
8) all the given dynamic range and high iso performance (it is now three yrs
9) a better price but i think is is truly a dream
10) do we care about live view?

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