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Subject: [Leica] Photographic Freedom
From: jayanand at (Jayanand Govindaraj)
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2012 09:24:20 +0530
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As an overall sort of reaction to this thread, here is an example, from
yesterday, on what a combination of committed citizens, a legally enshrined
Right to Information process and Public Interest Litigation, together with
an independent Higher Judiciary can achieve against the corrupt political
elite, even in India:

The reactions from multinationals and their shills is astonishing - to they
effect they actually PREFER crony capitalism to the rule of law. I never
expected them to react publicly to this effect. (-:


On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 6:26 AM, scleroplex <scleroplex at> wrote:

> they are.
> on the federal level.
> locally, cambridge hospital made sure one of their own became the director
> of massachusetts medicaid (which is called masshealth).
> it really is no different from goldman sachs sending their people to run
> the treasury dept. .
> dr julian harris went straight from residency training (!!) at cambridge
> hospital and the brigham to becoming director of masshealth.
> this is what the exercise of power looks like.
> julian also worked heroically for "doctors for obama" and it's
> post-election reincarnation "doctors for america".
> if you google "julian harris and obama" the first link is a paper on
> candidate obama's health plan that he co-authored with jay bhatt who also
> is at cambridge hospital and is one of don berwick's proteg?s. they all are
> also members of PNHP, physicians for a national healthplan. dr rachel
> nardin, who spied on me daily for a whole year to find some dirt, is the
> president of the massachusetts chapter of PNHP.
> and the first thing julian did as director was tell me i had been randomly
> chosen for an audit.
> i had been waiting for him to do exactly that :-))
> so when i opened the letter i burst out laughing and the clinic secretary
> said, 'you know, that's not what most doctors do when they hear they've
> been selected for an insurance audit'.
> i assured her it wasn't a real audit anyway, just corrupt intimidation.
> the list of 8 patients sent over interestingly was the same 8 patients
> chosen by cambridge hospital back in november 2010 for their 29-minute
> executive committee meeting.
> what an amazing coincidence :-)
> what is even funnier is that i have not billed for seeing any patients for
> a whole year.
> and since masshealth have not paid me a cent in all of 2011 they know it
> too.
> naturally i sent back a robust letter laying the past one year out and
> asking him to get the records from cambridge hospital just like he got the
> list from them!
> i am not afraid of him or his audit.
> now that i have roped in the inspector general in washington
> along with three senators and the governor himself,
> i hear masshealth are having a rethink.....
> :-))
> welcome to real fraud.
> bharani

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