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Subject: [Leica] Looking at buying an M8
From: kcarney1 at (Ken Carney)
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 20:01:44 -0600
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On 12/19/2011 5:35 PM, Mark Rabiner wrote:
> I agree with Tina on the M9 but I'd like to put in one more point on 
> buttons
> issue:
> In the past decade I've owned 4 digital cameras most of them had buttons on
> them which I didn't know what they did. I never used them so I didn't see
> them. And as I'd go through the documentation every once in a while it
> should seem I really didn't need whatever they did so much. In the 90's I
> shot mainly Leica M's and the increasingly higher tech AF SLR's had no
> shortage of buttons.  Some of which I bet few people used all that much.
> But the point is a button you don't use does not really get in your way. Is
> that something that really needs to be said? Are we really worrying about
> the aesthetics of a camera? To that I say where's the prints? Or at least
> where's the Jpegs?
> I'd love an M9 but the amazing functionality of today's DSLR's is nothing 
> to
> glibly ignore.
My Canon 5D MkII has a huge variety of options, most n/a for me.  I use 
aperture value, and the controls for ISO, aperture, metering matrix and 
exposure comp can be used by feel.  I have no idea what some of the 
others do.  The only place where Canon screwed up is the mode change 
wheel on the left top of the camera - if you grab it out of the camera 
case you can accidentally change from AV to manual or something, but 
some gaffer tape takes care of that.  Or duct tape or super glue if you 
live in the South.


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