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Subject: [Leica] From the Wayback Machine, Mike and Quark
From: lrzeitlin at (Lawrence Zeitlin)
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 00:00:16 -0400

Thanks to everyone who commented on the photo of my son on the sailboat. The
boat is indeed a twin keel Westerly Nomad, probably the oldest in the USA.
The boat's name, Quark, has nothing to do with the subatomic particles but
because we bought it from an Irishman named Finnigan in 1965. English majors
will immediately recognize the derivation of the name. My wife and I sailed
it up and down the Atlantic coast from Maine to Key West over a 30 year
period. Our kids learned to walk on the boat, the boat's rolling from side
to side aiding their first steps. When I retired in 1995 we bought a much
bigger boat and retired Quark to a spot next to our garage. Last year we
gave up the bigger boat because maintenance chores proved too much for aging
sailors. I'm now trying to refurbish Quark for this summer. The main problem
is trying to get the Volvo inboard engine to run after its long layoff. I'm
also sorry about the big size of the large picture file. I never realized
how big a 9 MB file from a 6x9 cm negative would be on the LUG. Look at it
Larry Z
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>From the Wayback Machine. This photo of my son crewing our sail boat was

taken in 1970 with a Kodak Medalist camera. The Kodak Medalist, sporting the

best lens that Kodak ever made, was a three pound WW2 era combat camera,

euphemistically called a miniature, that took 6x9 cm. pictures. Its major

fault was that it used long discontinued 620 film. The picture was taken in

the late afternoon in fading sunlight on Kodacolor print film. My son has

since grown, served as an officer in the Navy, married and has two children

of his own. I still have the boat and the camera.

Larry Z

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