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Subject: [Leica] Good image?
From: tedgrant at (tedgrant at
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 14:25:05 -0700
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Richard Man SHOWED:
Subject: [Leica] Good image?

> I haven't cleaned all the dust spots. I like it, but as they say, we are 
> our
> own worst editor (I don't believe that, just sayin' though)

Hi Richard,
 I never worry about spots unless I can see them with the naked eye. If so, 
I get cracking spot them out and carry right on...... no big deal! Besides 
today with digital and Photoshop it's an absolute no brainer. :-)

Try spotting a 16X20 print with a little spit on a brush off yer tongue, 
touch a Kodak colour patch, remove the spot. Then do that several times on 
100 16X20 prints! ;-) Now that's spotting! ;-) Near go blind by the time 
you're finished!

OK back to your photograph? Heck man I'm admiring the content simply because 
it's most interesting in a fog situation. Not whether it has one or a dozen 
infinitesimal spots the human eye can't see unless you pop the image up 200 
or 300 % on the computer screen! :-)

And as far as being our own worst editors?..... WE TRULY ARE! Whether one 
likes it or not. How do I know?

Well when Sandy Carter was my associate she had second look at any of my 
slide edited selections from a shoot. I'd be there all happy face thinking 
I've just made the best ever edited selection and the next thing I'd damn 
near be on the floor as this "VIPER TONGUED EDITOR SHREDDED ME 
UNMERCIFULLY!" :-) No not quite that bad as it was usually my own fault 
because I didn't do a smashing good shoot of content!

Her most cutting comment always was ... "IS THIS ONE OF YOUR ALL TIME 10 

In a voice tone that sometimes could curl the skin right off yer back! OUCH! 
But no matter how tough she was on me..... she did it because she only 
wanted the best to go before the client or public for my own good!

And each time after an awakening about some simple screw-ups on my part 
because I got sloppy shooting, trust me her words are burned in my cranium 
to this day each time I go on a shoot! She proved time and again that, " we 
as individuals are our own worst editors.!"

However I like this photograph very much! So here's one more suggestion. ;-)

Don't show your photography and at the same time point out some little 
negative aspect. WHY? Hell because yer pointing out something's wrong with 
the shot before the viewer even looks at it! :-( You shoot yourself in the 
foot! And that hurts!  "If only you kept your mouth shut" and let the viewer 
MAYBE find a little thing ......... if they find anything? But offer nothing 
but great praise for what you know is your wonderful photograph! :-)

And by keeping your mouth shut when the viewer points a tiny zit? 
Immediately act major surprised, thank them profusely for pointing it out 
and offer to correct it immediately! It's part of the photographic 
psychological warfare day to day!

So endth the lesson for today!! :-)

Dr. ted :-)

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