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Subject: [Leica] update: April show
From: tedgrant at (tedgrant at
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 13:35:47 -0700
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Doug Herr OFFERED:

>>Saturday morning driving to the gallery was like mile 26: legs are
cramping, knees are wobbly, energy reserves and brain activity are beyond

Hi Doug,
The best part about the above is........... "You have those feelings as the 
mark of a class act person suffering nothing more than an element of stage 
fright!  "Good folks have those! No problem! Just take a deep breathe or 
two, think of your most favored photo in the group and how you shot it!" And 
how great you felt when you saw the captured image in print! :-) Takes your 
mind of the jitters and you'll relax! :-) Not to worry my friend if you 
haven't blown them away by now, you'll surely do so at the opening and 
during the ensuing exhibition!

We, those of us who've had the very good fortune to have an exhibition, have 
gone through these very same feelings or likeness of feelings. It's all 
about hanging ourselves and our photography out to dry before the public and 
concerned how they will re-act?

Good folks have these feelings. The over cocky smart ass "so called world 
great supposed photographers" arrive over cocky, over confident and think 
they walk on water with a camera and a roll of unexposed film! Truth is? 
Their photography is quite often crap, no better than that of a first grader 
with coloured crayons. They just happen to have the ability to sell 
themselves or a manager who builds an image of BS that creates a false hood.

Trust me I've encountered them on occasions' back in the late '60's and 
early '70's while the Assistant Director of the National Film Board of 
Canada Still's Division! That was a time! :-)

Good luck mon ami Doug! Have fun!

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