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Subject: [Leica] was - important aspects, now B&W image?
From: montoid at (Montie Talbert)
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2011 13:03:11 -0500 (EST)

Interesting topic.  I guess one could call me a monochrome
photography freak!  I love everything about it.  As artistic
mediums go, it has a vast array of strengths with few limitations
that could separate an artist's idea from his final work.

IMO, discussions should not be B&W vs Color, rather, B&W AND
Color.  B&W does not show color.  Color shows color.  Nothing
is lost.


On Jan 4, 2011, at 1:17 AM, Henning Wulff wrote:

> Our aesthetic has been formed by the fact that for a long time the main 
> photographic medium was the black and white photograph, and colour was not 
> readily available.
> Do we say that the Mona Lisa should have been in B&W, or any other 
> outstanding painting? Painting developed a colour palette a long time ago, 
> and this topic doesn't come up in this way any more, if it ever did.
> As I said before, if colour photography had been invented before or at the 
> same time as B&W photography, this whole discussion of B&W vs. colour 
> would never exist.
> All that said, I too have a fondness for B&W photos, and the majority of 
> the prints I have are B&W. I too grew up with B&W as the main formative 
> photographic aesthetic, and the great photos I saw early on were almost 
> all B&W.

>>I feel that there's also a very personal part to play in all this.
I love drawings in pen (brush) and ink, graphite, silver point, et al.
I love monochromatic etchings, lithographs and engravings.
I love black and white photographs.
I admire fine use of color in paintings, prints and photographs.
Though my true love seems to rest in strong monochrome graphics.

George Lottermoser 
george at

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