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Subject: [Leica] What are the most important aspects of a photographicimage ?
From: tedgrant at (tedgrant at
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2011 14:57:08 -0800
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Clayton offered:
>> I have to argue that the answer depends on circumstances and the purpose 
>> of the photograph.
>> If you're shooting for yourself or for history, or for something other 
>> than news, of course, the priorities that T&T posted are spot on...
>> If you're shooting for a news publication, though, the most important 
>> thing, absolutely, is that you capture the significant moment of your 
>> story.<<<<<<<<<<<<<

In a matter of a half dozen posts this topic has the potential of going 
completely off the rails because we're not sitting about a round table 
having a New Year's beer in lively discussion one on one or however many!

In my 5 points, certainly the content means capturing the perfect moment 
which means the best possible photograph of the three car collision 
illustrating the smashed and obliterated bodies of the passengers in the 
most blood livid manner to make the editor throw-up his guts knowing I got 
the best picture possible for the front page! And that's the story!

I've always shot that way! Whether newspaper, rotogravure sections, 
news-magazines or long documentaries. Or in the operating room while a body 
is being dissected! It's capture the most important part of what is going on 
and that is.... "the moment of greatest impact!" And that's always the 

The 5 points I offered don't have anything to do with a thought process!
"IT'S AUTOMATIC INSTINCT FROM THE GUT!" "See-Shoot!" And you have the front 
page picture! MAYBE?

Well nobody remembers your picture if it's on "Page 35, C section!" So one 
always shoots news aiming for the front page if you think about it. In real 
life the front page isn't part of the thought process. Shooting the action 
which is the story taking place....
"THAT'S SHOOTING THE MOMENT PART!" And if yer lucky and it's a big enough 
story no matter how great the PHOTO is .... "YOU MIGHT MAKE FRONT PAGE!" Or 
an inside spot at all. Lot's of photos shot with peak action of the moment 
and the story is "KILLED?" Your photo is trash basket!



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