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Subject: [Leica] LUG Yearbook: Now we are 90
From: tedgrant at (tedgrant at
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 18:38:43 -0800
References: <02a301cba6df$c5249d20$4f6dd760$@net>

OK LOOK AT IT! ONLY 90!!! Where the heck are the rest of you?

Look they don't have to be photos for the cover of "PLAY BOY!" All you folks 
living in the wild wild areas of snow this past few days ... those pictures 
count as wonderful teaching/learning things for the crew who live in 
countries who've never ever seen snow but on a Christmas card or Hollywood 

So why not your "snow for real snow pictures?" 

There are less than 3 
Send your two pictures. 
Look if you have to use your fingers to count? it's your thumb and the other 
one beside it, oh yeah, the next one also! Or instead of reading my ranting 
and berating, send the dang pictures instead.:-)

Now look, here's a bonus you set fir yourself, maybe it'll work as an 
incentive to get your ass in gear, oh pardon me... get yer butt in gear! ;-) 
Sorry ladies.

Look at this as a treat... As soon as you send your pictures pour yerself an 
extra good sized single malt Scotch, sit down and listen to some nice gentle 
quiet music and relax contemplating that you will never ever leave sending 
your pictures this late again! ever! ever! never again! :-)

OK now have a nice sip, head back and relax! Now see how good that feels? A 
job well done, good on you lads! OH YES and LADIES! ;-) 

Now be off with you and get this small effort done. thanks & cheers!

Dr. TERMINATOR ted!  ;-) 

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