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Subject: [Leica] IMG Sumo!
From: inquisitor at (C. L. Basso)
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 08:53:09 -0500
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On 11/29/2010 07:52 AM, lug-request at wrote:

> This weekend I visited Fukuoka to attend the Sumo finales.  I wanted
> the closest seat I could get, so stumped up for the 540 dollar
> ticket.

Lucky. Still no real contenders for promotion to Yokozuna, though.

> However, my seat was in the furthest row (the 8th row) of the
> pricey rows.  Because I wasn't as close as I wanted to be, my 200mm
> wide open at f/2.8 didn't throw the crowd out of focus as much as I
> wanted.


> All the best,
> Peter Cheyne

Nice photos; I actually prefer the one where the spectators are more 
visible. It feels more like the viewer is "there".

As a sumo fan, I've got to ask: which bout was this, and which bout was 
the photo in your next post? I didn't keep up with the Fukuoka basho 
like I should have.

C. L. Basso
Walled Lake, Mich.

"His every breath a kind of ebb that leaves him further from himself, he 
floats rather than steers to the island of the mad - beyond all 
trade-routes, in a doldrum sea, its high crags burning."
-- Mervyn Peake, /Gormenghast/